Friday, September 28, 2012

Cast your ballot -- for music

Are you mad about Mozart? Bonkers for Beethoven? Smitten with Smetana? Here's your chance to express yourself.  


"Cast Your Classical Ballot" is the lure for WDAV-FM's fall fund drive, which kicks off Oct. 3. Listeners can log onto the station's website and vote for their favorite composers in six categories, from Baroque through post-Romantic to contemporary. The station will feature the winners in its "Symphony at 7" program Nov. 5-8, when the music will offer a refuge from that other election. 

"In this time of political tug-of-war, WDAV has remained an oasis from the onslaught of campaign messaging," general manager Scott Nolan said in a statement. "And yet, in the spirit of the democratic process, we are giving our listeners the opportunity to elect the greatest composers of each classical-music era, once and for all." 

The election supervisors at WDAV have put only three names on the ballet for each category. But they've also left spots for write-ins. That's where you'll have to go if you are a fan of Smetana -- or Chopin, Puccini or Philip Glass.

WDAV aims to raise $210,000 through its fall campaign, which runs through Oct. 11. So it no doubt hopes listeners will also vote with their dollars by making contributions. Or do you think there's a super PAC that wants to spend money on Bach, Beethoven and Brahms?