Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Donkeys, elephants and Discovery Place

Even before the Democrats hit town, political animals will invade uptown, and they could get you into Discovery Place for free. 

Beginning Monday, July 30, a total of 24 toy donkeys and elephants will be stashed throughout the EpiCentre entertainment complex. Each will be redeemable for two tickets to Discovery Place, whose exhibitions include the "Crittercam" show -- the inspiration for the bipartisan scavenger hunt. 

The political critters will be hidden throughout Epicentre, not only in the open areas but inside businesses. 

"People should look in places they wouldn't expect an animal to be hidden," Discovery Place's Logan Stewart said. "Think creatively." 

One rule: To qualify for the free tickets, the animals have to have their Discovery Place instruction tags still attached. It's the science center's version of a voter ID law, I guess.  

The elephants and donkeys will be in place at the EpiCentre as long as it takes for hunters to find them. So, if you want to score free tickets to Discovery Place -- or maybe tune up your eyes for celebrity-spotting during the convention -- you can start stalking at 10 a.m. Monday. Happy hunting. 



Anonymous said...

What are they using for Libertarians?

Kelex said...

They're not. BIpartisan = two parties. Reps and Dems. Don't complicate a nice thing they're doing.

Logan Stewart said...

Thanks Steven! Great and witty piece.


dkirkward said...

Sounds like fun, may need to venture over to Epicentre before they've run off.

jtig said...

Great idea. Nice to see someone having fun and lightening mood. We all need to stop taking ourselves so seriously. Kudos to discovery place. May have to go find one.